Is John getting engaged in April?

By First Posted: Dec 19, 2011 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Dec 19, 2011 Mon 11:15 AM
Is John getting engaged in April?
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Now this is one news that is sure gonna leave a lot of our girls teary eyed! Handkerchiefs are soon going to be in demand and we sure will see a lot of our girls wiping their teary eyes! Because if reports are to be believed our very own Desi Hunk John Abraham is all set to get engaged.

Yes, you heard it right. And who is the lucky gal? Well, it is Priya Runchal. Yes, the very same girl about who we had reported a few months back that John was seeing her. Reports have it that John is crazy about her. But what is surprising is the hurry in which all this is happening. After all, its not very long that John and Bipasha terminated their nine year old relationship. And Bipasha very publicly had said that it was John's reluctance to commit to marriage that the relationship broke down.

There were some rumors about John having been unfaithful too. But these remain rumors. Also Bips has clearly moved on and John would like to tell the world that he is not the bad guy he is being made out to be. By the way Priya Runchal is a 26 year old financial analyst and she sure would have something that she has been able to nail down our stud and got him to commit! Well girls, here goes our last hope! 2012 sure seems to be doomsday year!

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