Meet Jyoti Amge, World's Shortest Woman

By First Posted: Dec 17, 2011 Sat 4:41 PM Updated: Dec 18, 2011 Sun 2:35 AM
Meet Jyoti Amge, World's Shortest Woman
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Size does matters!!! Jyoti Amge has proved this proverb in a special way by making the name in Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest women in the world. Officials from the Guinness Book of Records confirmed that she made up to 23½in tall at the age of 18, who weighs just 11lbs, has broken the title from Bridgette Jordan (2ft 3inch American). Jyoti was presented with a framed certificate which came up to her chin. While Guinness officials gave the certificate, Jyoti get emotional & said that “This is my most remarkable day in my life as I got recognized as the world's smallest woman!"

Jyoti Amge, from Nagpur is a Television artist by profession. She had some problem which stopped her growth after her first birthday. She never upset by her short height in fact she feels proud for it. She insists on being treated like any other young woman and likes nothing better than doing her make-up and going clothes shopping with pals.


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