Big Boss Season 5 Update - “Hukumat e Symonds”

By First Posted: Dec 14, 2011 Wed 6:18 PM Updated: Dec 15, 2011 Thu 6:31 PM
Big Boss Season 5 Update - “Hukumat e Symonds”
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Big Boss has given a new weekly task to the housemates “Hukumat e Symonds”. As per the task Andrew Symonds has to play the role of a King where all other housemates have to play different characters like Siddhartha, Amar & Sky is playing the role of soldiers where Juhi, Shonali & Sunny is playing the character of servant of the king & Puja Mishra as the interpreter of the King.

As the day progresses the bitterness of the show rises between Puja Mishra & Siddhartha and between Siddhartha & Sky while all other housemates seems cool. A big fight arises between Siddhartha & Sky at the night while they had to play the role of night watcher of the king. Symonds tried to patch up this problem between Siddhartha & Sky. Symonds advised Siddhartha about the game, about the team spirit & the game strategies. 

Finally a player tried to make understand the morals of game to all other housemates those are staying in Big Boss house since 2 months. So next we watch can the housemates understand the morals taught by the cricket King Andrew Symonds.


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