Veena Malik Has Been Disowned

By First Posted: Dec 9, 2011 Fri 4:00 AM Updated: Dec 9, 2011 Fri 5:30 AM
Veena Malik Has Been Disowned
Image Credit: Mujra Badmasi

She is the perfect "poor rich girl"! Ohhhh, the woes of poor Ms Veena Malik never seem to end.

The latest in Veena's nude photo shoot for FHM is that her father has now disowned her. Apparently seeing his daughter's naked body all over the internet was a little too much for the father. Mr Malik has not only disowned her but also demands that she should be punished for her acts. He has said that he has severed all ties with her and will deny her any right in his assets till she is cleared of the current controversy, AND promises that she will never visit India again.

In case Veena's name is not cleared, he wants her to face strict punishment so that no other woman dares to strip for money and fame. Ouch! That must have hurt Veena.

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