Ab Veena Ka Swayamvar!

By First Posted: Dec 5, 2011 Mon 4:00 AM Updated: Dec 5, 2011 Mon 5:30 AM
Ab Veena Ka Swayamvar!
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After the recent controversy about her nude photoshoot, Veena Malik is back in the limelight. Veena is the new face of SWAYAMVAR on NDTV IMAGINE.

The last season of Swayamvar proved to be a dud and the channel was hoping to rope in a controversial celebrity this season to get the maximum TRPs. Who better than Veena Malik, the new queen of controversy? From her relationship with Asif and the revelations, to her stint on Bigg Boss and relationship with Ashmit, to the recent ISI photos, Veena loves to court controversy. The channel is sure to make a lot of moolah this season with Veena Malik's search for a groom on the Indian telly.

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