Relationship Bewares

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Relationship Bewares
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In this fickle world of short-term relationships, break-ups, divorces and rebounds, what keeps two people together forever? Love, romance and trust are 3 things that bind two people in a bond which will last forever. But often even these 3 things aren't enough. Why?

Here are a few things that damage your love life and relationships. If you ahve any of these habits, you might want to change them coz these are surefire relationship killers.

Top Relationship Bewares

1. Competitiveness: It is great to be competitive at work but at home? Stop competing with your partner. You are both on the same team and you always need to remember that.

2. Disloyalty: The day you cheat your partner in any way, you doom your relationship for good. Disloyalty is probably just a symptom of a relationship that cannot last.

3. Lying: Lies are a complete NO-NO in relationships. If you cannot be completely truthful with your partner, then you are not soulmates at all.

4. Lack of Self-Care: Falling in love nd finding that someone special is no reason to go sloppy! If you stop taking care of yourself, your partner will find someone else who does. It is as simple as that, no matter how cleverly you word it.

5. Stop Living: Many people are so much in love with their partners that they stop living  a life of their own. Their whole life revolves around their partner and there is nothing else to be concerned about. This is very wrong coz eventually this focus can ruin your relationship. You need to be a whole person with an individual personality.

6. Over Criticism: Are you always giving "constructive criticism" to your partner? Stop tying to change him/her. Accept your partner for the person you fell in love with and be content with that. Instead of forever criticising, try appreciation for a change. Will work wonders!

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