...about Aishwarya’s Baby!!!

By First Posted: Nov 12, 2011 Sat 3:16 PM Updated: Nov 12, 2011 Sat 3:18 PM
...about Aishwarya’s Baby!!!
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All gossips all rumors went on vain. Many speculations went wrong. Most of the speculations said Ash will give birth on 11-11-11 but that didn’t happened. Some said Ash will have twins, some said Ash wants baby girl, some said Amit ji wants a grand son & all kind of astrological count ended over, still the nation has the same curiosity to know the news about the Bachchan’s new born baby. From print media to television all are still drawing attention to the news of Bachchan’s new born baby.

Gossips over Bachchan's baby are escalating as the actress's due date comes near. Everyone is keeping a close watch outside the Hospital where Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is expected to give birth to her first child. 

News hunters are trying hard to peep into the cracks of the walls of the Seven Hills Hospital to catch a glimpse of Aishwarya and the Bachchan family. All types media are hungry to catch the news “The News about Aishwarya’s Baby”


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