Aishwarya is going to give birth on 11/11/11!!!

By First Posted: Nov 3, 2011 Thu 5:28 PM
Aishwarya is going to give birth on 11/11/11!!!
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Bollywood star Aishwarya & daughter in law of Bachchan family is going to give birth her baby sooner. Abhishek has booked a special room at a seven star hospital at Mumbai for the birth his first child. From 10th Nov to 15th Nov a suite has been reserved. The best doctors with all the facilities have been arranged for the birth of new born baby.

So there is many speculations about the birth date, Aishwarya may give birth on 11-11-11. As the doctors say Aishwarya may give birth between November’s 2nd weeks. As the Day-Date-Year is equal, it signifies a Lucky day for the most of the people. As Amitabh is Celebrating his birthday in the date of 11th October so there is a guess that Amitabh’s grand child may come to this world on this date.

All the fans of Bachchans’ are eagerly waiting to glimpse the new guest of Bachchans dynasty.

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