How To Dress A Big Bust

By First Posted: Nov 2, 2011 Wed 9:05 PM Updated: Oct 28, 2016 Fri 11:30 AM
How To Dress A Big Bust
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One would think that big busted women are really lucky to attract all the male attention with their natural assets. But the truth is that most girls with a fuller figure find it hard to tone it down. So Memsaab brings you a few tips on how to draw attention away from those assets.

How To Dress A Fuller Figure

1. Wear the right size bra. When purchasing a bra, do not look at the design or the price tag. What you need is strong support. So invest in a bra that is strong and lifts your breasts up. This will help in protecting against sagging and also make you look better. Minimiser bras are also available if you need to reduce the size temporarily. But these bras should not be worn for long durations of time.

2. When buying clothes, choose on the basis of the neckline. What you need is a bigger neckline. So plunging Vs, gathered necklines, empire cut etc are all great for your body type. The idea is to look sexy and classy without looking slutty, so choose the neckline accordingly.

3. Use accessories to draw attention away from your bust. When buying a necklace, choose one that finished just above your bustline. Choose a nice ornate piece that attracts attention.

4. Avoid pencil fit jeans or skinny trousers. If you are top heavy, you need to balance out the look by wearing a little loose lowers and pants.

5. Collar up your dresses. Big wide collars are an embellishment that works very well for full figures. Big collars draw attention away from the bust so they are ideal for this body type.

6. Adding a belt at the lower end of your waist works well to give you a well defined hour glass look. Most women would kill for the  hourglass!

If you have been endowed with a generous bust, you can make the most of it just by learning a few tricks of dressing and style.

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