Tips for a safe Diwali

By First Posted: Oct 22, 2011 Sat 2:18 PM Updated: Oct 22, 2011 Sat 8:36 PM
Tips for a safe Diwali
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Diwali a festival of Light, a day to spent a pleasant time with family & friends. Diwali a night that says to overcome from the darkness to live a life of light. People celebrate this festival to share their love & affection. This festival’s main attraction is the Fireworks.

Basically kids love the fireworks. So we need to keep them safe from the fireworks to make a happy & safety Diwali. 

So there are some tips to keep safe & to make a Happy Diwali

1. If you’re buying any firework items, first look at their brand name & their trade marks.

2. Don’t leave kids alone.

3. Don’t crack any kind of firework inside the home.

4. Keep water near you for a safety play.

5. Prefer to wear cotton dresses instead of nylon & other materials.

6. Keep away the bombs & rockets from the crowded places.

7. Don’t play with animals.

8. Don’t throw any crackers upon anybody.

9. Don’t buy any noisy & smoky crackers to avoid pollution.

10. After cracking keep clean your city.

Enjoy your Diwali as well as others too.

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