Expensive Skyscrapers: After Antilia…White House

By First Posted: Oct 20, 2011 Thu 5:12 PM Updated: Oct 20, 2011 Thu 5:14 PM
Expensive Skyscrapers: After Antilia…White House
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If you’ll ask for one most expensive home at Mumbai, no doubt every one will answer South Mumbai’s Antilia – The Ambani’s mansion. Antilia has represented India as the most expensive house in world.

After Antilia, UB Group’s Chairman Vijay Maliya is planning for one luxurious apartment at Bangalore & that apartment is going to be known as “White House”. It’s construction is going to be completed within 3 years.

This construction is building up near Kingfisher Tower which is situated in the middle of the Bangalore City. This is going to be a 34 storey building. This 34 storey building will be divided into 3 blocks, out of 3 blocks there’ll be 82 apartments. This building is designed by Prestige Group. 

Every luxury facilities will be available in this mansion. There’ll be a penthouse with Indoor & Outdoor pool, gym, saloon, spa & on the top of the floor there will be a Helipad. In that apartment there will be one 6,000 square feet club house. In the 5th floor there will be one garden, in the 10th floor there will be a badminton court & in the 25th floor a party hall & up to 4th floor for the parking. 

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