Do You believe In Karva Chauth?

By First Posted: Oct 15, 2011 Sat 12:38 PM Updated: Oct 15, 2011 Sat 12:59 PM
Do You believe In Karva Chauth?
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Today, 15th Oct 2011 is Karva Chauth, the festival of all suhaagans in India. If you live in Delhi, you know what this festival is really like. The whole city turns into a fair with Mehndi applicators swarming around on every nook and corner. Rarely will you find a woman without the henna on her hands on this day in Delhi.

I am observing the fast. But I think it's not because I really believe that my going hungry will somehow make my husband live longer. Probably it's just that I want to do it for the love I have for hubby. He reciprocates the love and is fasting too. I think I do it coz I find the custom very charming, romantic and sweet. I have not applied henna, and I'm not really going to doll up a lot. A little bit will work for me. I think I want to preserve our customs and pass them on to the next generations, that's another reason I do this.

What about you?


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