Are You Making A Mistake With Your Diet?

By First Posted: Sep 15, 2011 Thu 1:48 PM Updated: Sep 15, 2016 Thu 7:01 PM
Are You Making A Mistake With Your Diet?
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So it has been three months since you have been on the latest diet and you have announced this to all and sundry. But guess what, you have not lost even a Kilo of weight and what's more - You have gained 3 Kilograms of weight! Horrors of Horrors!!! So what has led to this situation? Memsaab decodes some diet myths for you. Read on...

Myth 1 - You do not need to exercise if you are on a diet - This is the silliest mistake that women often make. It is important to inculcate a fitness routine and combine this with a diet. The results will show for themselves.

Myth 2 - I can indulge once in a while - While we all do have our food cravings, it is important to note that indulging in these cravings be limited to once a fortnight. This ways you build up self control as well. So go easy on that pastry and see if you can let go off it..

Myth 3 - Eating six meals a day will reduce my weight - Remember, it is eating six small meals. Quite often, the opposite of this happens. Women end up eating six regular meals and the body adds on the pounds!

Myth 4 - I eat only Salads in the night, yet I have put on weight - While eating Salads definitely does have its benefits, it is important to note what dressing you are putting on your salad. If your salad is laden with mayonnaise and meat chunks, then this salad is definitely not going to work to help you lose weight.

Maintaining a health body weight especially for obese people is a lifelong affair and it need not be difficult if one is sensible about their diet and fitness routine.

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