Is Wearing High Heels Good For Your Feet?

By First Posted: Sep 6, 2011 Tue 7:24 AM Updated: Dec 5, 2016 Mon 6:12 AM
Is Wearing High Heels Good For Your Feet?
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Nowadays, women, in order to get ahead in the career race, have started focussing more on their external appearances. In this desire to look good, women wear high heels, at times very high heels to look taller and more professional. However, wearing high heels is very stressful on the joints of the foot.

High heels may contribute to knee and back problems, shortened calf muscles and also an awkward and unnatural gait. In fact with time high heels can impair the proper function of your feet. Doctors say that wearing high heels can also cause Osteoarthritis.

Even your ankle, knee and hip joints can suffer from wearing high heels. High heels can also cause lower back strain by putting extra pressure on the back.

Memsaab suggests that if you are in a desk-related job that does not involve a lot of movement, you keep high heeled footwear in your office and wear it and when you are ready to move out, wear your flats. How's that for making the best of both worlds.

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