Beyonce Causes TwitterMania!

By First Posted: Sep 1, 2011 Thu 12:09 PM Updated: Sep 2, 2011 Fri 7:03 PM
Beyonce Causes TwitterMania!
Image Credit: Yahoo UK

Pop icon Beyonce has set many records in her life. As she enters a new stage of her life, Beyonce has set another record: on Twitter!

The good news for all Beyonce fans is that she is pregnant. At recent MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce shared the happy news with the world. She even opened her jacket to show the new baby bump which made her both happy and proud. As soon as Beyonce declared her pregnancy after her performance on stage, twitter went berserk.

The news was tweeted over and over by crazy fans, setting a new twitter record of 8,868 tweets per second. That's called living life Queen Size!

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