Oh My Gold!

By First Posted: Aug 22, 2011 Mon 6:36 AM
Oh My Gold!
Image Credit: Asia Bizz

AS leading IT companies see a slump in their stock prices, this is an investment that can never go wrong. We are talking about the yellow metal "Gold". As the world economy is facing turbulation and we hear everyone talking of a double dip recession, gold becomes more and more attractive as an investment option. This must be why the precious metal seems to see a new high almost every week. Gold has already crossed the Rs. 27,500 mark for 10 grams.

When I got married 8 years ago, gold was at a mere Rs. 6000 per 10 grams. In 8 years, the price of gold has multiplied 4.5 times. Isn't that amazing? In India, we have always valued gold much more than Western people do. We wouldn't dream of a wedding without significnt gold shopping! It is a great gift for any occassion, a great investment for anyone and a great item to be on your shopping list for yourself. We even have it woven into our clothes!

If you have excess money that you don't know where to park, gold is the way to go ladies! You would be surprised to know that in South India they make these lovely Kanjeevaram sarees from gold. The golden Kanjeevaram saree is nothing short of an investment. They say when you burn a gold Kanjeevaram saree, you are left with a handful of gold! The best thing about investing in gold is that it is a great investment that gives awesome results, AND you can enjoy wearing it while you have it. Which other investment option is so beautiful, so usable and gives such returns?

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