Should Children Be Subjected To Dieting?

By First Posted: Aug 20, 2011 Sat 11:45 AM Updated: Dec 15, 2016 Thu 3:04 AM
Should Children Be Subjected To Dieting?
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Little children trying to lose weight with dieting is a situation that stares us in the face. It is a subject which has caught the fancy of many concerned people who are debating about it endlessly. Most people seem convinced that it is a bad idea. Don't we all love little children to be chubby and cute? Who wants to see a skinny 10 year old?

So why all this discussion about kids losing weight? The discussion has been brought on as a reaction to a new book that encourages little children to lose weight. Paul Kramer's yet unpublished book "Maggie Goes On A Diet" hopes to encourage kids to be more body conscious and fitter. The book is expected to hit the stores by October and is targetted at 6-12 year olds. Even though nobody has really read the book, there is great concern over the front cover.

The cover displays a little girl looking into the mirror. The girl is chubby but the image staring back at her from the mirror is skinny. The cover expresses a desire to be slim, equating that with being beautiful. The story itself talks about a young 14 year old girl who is overweight but loses the flab by going on a diet. As a result she not only looks prettier but also becomes the school soccer star.

Just imagine what kind of ideas this book will put into young minds which are already under huge influence from movies and TV shows. If our kids start worrying about weight at age  of 6-7, what kind of women and men will they grow into?

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