Things That Make You Less Healthy

By First Posted: Aug 11, 2011 Thu 7:08 AM Updated: May 28, 2014 Wed 3:22 PM
Things That Make You Less Healthy
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This article isn't about fried foods or lazy bums. We all know that we need to eat right and be active to maintain good health. But there are other things that affect our health. What are these things?

Things You Do That Affect Your Health

Too Much Alcohol
: It is not taboo anymore for women to drink. We all like to indulge every once in a  while, especially at parties. But things go wrong when we overdo it. So when at a party, don't try to match your husband, drink for drink. Drink according to your size. After all, women are smaller and do not have as much water as men- to be able to flush out the alcohol.

High Heels: It is so sexy and fashionable to wear high heels. But hey, have you ever wondered how it affects your feet? Apart from the regular discomfort and pain that your feet are subjected to, there can be lasting damage from this habit too. High heels tend to shorten your achilles tendon and that reduces mobility ultimately. High heels also affect posture and the spinal chord. Is it really worth it?

Wrong Bra: Statistics say that 70% women wear a wrong bra. Anything could be wrong: Too big, too small, wrong fabric, wrong fastners. It is very important to know the correct size and to wear a bra that fits well. Equally important is to know when to get rid of an old bra. The bra affects your body and how it feels.

Heavy Bags: So many women carry heavy bags everywhre they go. Our bags carry so many important and unimportant things like makeup, wallet, books, combs, hairbrushes, mirrors etc. Sometimes women even carry underwear, tees and shoes in their bags! All that weight on your shoulder does you more harm than good. So try to get rid of as much weight in the bag as you can!

Make-Up: Too much make-up ruins your skin. Even worse is the habit of sleeping without removing your make-up. This can damage your skin for good. So cultivate the habit of removing all paint before going to bed, no matter how tired or sleepy you are!

Stress: Women tend to take things too seriously. This inevitably means that we take too much stress at the slightest causes. So it would be good to try and relax the mind. Try yoga or meditation to keep the body and mind calm and relaxed. Stress busting activities are great and they can also be good for staying fit.

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