Squats - The best way to lose fat - fast!

By First Posted: Aug 1, 2011 Mon 9:08 AM Updated: Jul 5, 2019 Fri 12:24 PM
Squats - The best way to lose fat - fast!
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We spend hours in the Gym trying to lose that obstinate fat around our thighs and waists only to discover that it does not go away that easily. We bring to you the ultimate exercise weapon that can help you shed those unwanted kilos faster!

We are talking about Squats. You might well ask, if it is so simple, why spend time and energy on running on the treadmill and tire yourself unnecessarily? Friends, we are not saying to ignore other forms of exercise. All we are saying is done in conjunction with other exercises, Squats are the best form of exercise to fight weight gain and get fitter faster. Also they are inexpensive, do not require a lot of space and can be done anywhere, anytime. We give below some basic steps so that you are able to squat your way to good health safely and surely.

1. First Do Bench Squats - Stand with your leg's shoulder width apart with a bench behind you. Slowly bring your buttocks to the level of the bench, but do not sit on the bench completely. Then without the support of the bench bring yourself back to your original position of standing. Repeat this a number of times till you can squat without the support of the bench behind you.

2.  Full squat - this involves going the full hog. That means that you squat completely. Ensure that you do not lift your heels and when you come up, use the support of your heel. 

3. Try using some weights with squats - Be careful with this one, because we do not want a back injury. Use weights with which you are comfortable. You may not want to do the complete squat. You can bring your thighs parallel to the floor and then resume your position of standing up.

4. Maintain form - Squat is one exercise that can injure your lower back if not done in the right way. Ensure that you back is straight and when you squat your knees do not go beyond your feet, or you may also be prone to knee injury.

If done correctly, squats can be very beneficial and also improve your lung strength. So what are you waiting for? Start squatting today!


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