Is It True?

By First Posted: Jul 11, 2011 Mon 3:51 AM
Is It True?
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There are many myths about drinking water, just like everything else. You hear one new thing about water and a month later, it is challenged by the same person/publication who said it. Is tap water bad for you? Is bottled water really good? What is true? What isn't?

Myths About Drinking water

1. MYTH: Drink to flush out toxins.
FACT: Kidneys flush out toxins from the bloodstream and the toxins are eliminated with water as urine. But is drinking extra water of any help? Dr. Goldfarb, who is a kidney expert at the University of Pennsylvania, says that drinking too much water is of no further use to the body. It may, in fact, harm the kidneys by limiting their ability to function as a filter. So moderation is the way to go.

2. MYTH: Lots of water gives healthier skin.
FACT: Dr Goldfarb says that human body is itself made up of 60% water. So drinking an extra glass or two cannot have that big an effect. The key to healthy skin is cleanliness, mousturising and regular skincare.

3. MYTH: Water helps in weight loss.
FACT: Drinking water does indeed help people trying to lose weight. The reason is that water has no calories, yet it can make the body feel full. So it is a dieter's friend indeed.

4. MYTH: Exercising may dehydrate you.
FACT: Dehydration sets in when a person loses two percent of body weight. Can you really lose that much during a workout? But yes, there is increased need to replenish water during workout in places that have a hot climate or high humidity. This is to compensate for water lost in the form of sweat.

As you see, most of the things we have heard or read about drinking as much water as we can are not really true. The best thing is to get a good amount of water in every day, without pushing yourself too much. Basically just don't remain thirsty.

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