Are You Abusing Facebook?

By First Posted: Jul 7, 2011 Thu 8:05 AM Updated: Apr 5, 2015 Sun 9:26 AM
Are You Abusing Facebook?
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Facebook was invented so you could keep in touch with family and friends, in spite of physical distance between you. It was meant to connect people, giving everyone a chance to peep into the lives of their loved ones through pictures, videos and messages. 

But people are using Facebook for a completely different reasons these days. Facebook has now become a battleground for pretence. The "keeping up with the Jones'" symptom is increasing amongst FB users, and everyone is out there to gloat competitively about the blessings in their lives.

This is how people abuse Facebook:

1. Miss You Baby: So many happy couple out there are trying to boast about their luck and happiness in love. All right, you may actually be missing your baby, but why do you put it out there for the world to know? Why not just send a text, or call and talk to your baby?

2. Motherhood Completes A Woman: Yeah yeah, we have heard that umpteen times. OK, you are happy to be expecting. But does everyone have to see your baby's first Ultrasound picture? And for all young parents out there, we know your child rocks your world. But why do you torment everyone else with daily uploads of "the baby's first this" and "the baby's first that"? At least show some concern for your friends who do not have kids, cannot have kids, or do not want kids!

3. Quote Unquote: Now there's a class of witty people who are not really as witty as they'd like you to think. So they scout for witty quotes, find some and post as their "original" status messages. Don't let this fool you. They expect you to  comment on their witty wisecracks congratulating them on their wit and intellect.

4. Brag Some More: When a group of friends join facebook, they eventually fall into the habit of bragging. "Went to so-and-so disc yesterday, drank so-and-so exotic drinks". Or "flying to Switzerland for a holiday". Get the point? You may have enjoyed the best service at the best hotel in the best place...but hey, we were not there. Why would we want to hear about it in such details?

You may think this is petty and mean, but it is true that facebook often ignites jealousy between friends. So wouldn't it be great if we could just use it to connect and not gloat?


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