Beans With A Twist

By First Posted: Jul 3, 2011 Sun 11:14 AM Updated: Jun 25, 2015 Thu 4:11 PM
Beans With A Twist
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Tired of eating Rajma Chawal? There are very few people who don't fall in love with this North Indian dish. But even if you are a die-hard Punjbi food enthusiast, there are times when you crave something new and different. Right? So we bring you a new bean recipe, with a twist.

Baked Bean Wrap


Chapatis made of whole wheat flour 4 

Baked Beans 1 1/2 cups

Sliced Onions 2 

Oil 1 tablespoon

Chopped Green capsicum 1 

Chopped Red Capsicum 1

Chopped Tomatoes Optional

Chopped Garlic 5-6 cloves

Chopped Fresh coriander leaves 3 tablespoons

Tomato ketchup as required

Red chilli sauce as required

Grated Cheese 4 tablespoons 

Heat oil in a pan, add chopped onion, green & red capsicum and garlic and sauté. Add chopped tomatoes at this point, if you like. Add baked beans and sauté. Add fresh chopped coriander to  little of the mixture on one side of the roti. Garnish using sliced onion and grated cheese over the baked beans and roll the roti. You may use toothpicks to seal the rolls if required. Prepare the other rolls in a similar way. Now cut the rolls diagonally and serve with mint chutney. You can also wrap these rolls in aluminium foil and carry them as packed lunch.

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