Lady Gaga Cheated Her Fans?

By First Posted: Jun 28, 2011 Tue 7:38 AM Updated: Sep 23, 2011 Fri 5:17 PM
Lady Gaga Cheated Her Fans?
Image Credit: Indian Glit on Blogspot

A few months ago parts of Japan were destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis. Lady Gaga saw this as a time to be philanthropic and immediately put her mind to this cause. She designed a bracelet and sold it to to her fans worldwide, raising money for cleaning up the mess in Japan. She proclaimed that all the proceeds from the sale of her bracelets would go to charity. But did they? A US law firm has sued Lady Gaga for $ 5 million, claiming that she has cheated her fans in the whole charity bracelet episode. Apparently the artist overcharged her fans on shipping costs and pocketed the extra money herself. What a neat and clean way to make money from a charitable activity! While we applaud Lady Gaga for her attempts at philanthropy, it is sad that she needed to cheat her fans on the wristband sale!

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