Today, The World Day Against Child Labour

By First Posted: Jun 12, 2011 Sun 12:19 PM Updated: Oct 3, 2011 Mon 11:49 AM
Today, The World Day Against Child Labour
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Today, June 12 is the world day against child labour. The only way to eradicate child labour is to empower the mothers of the child labour socio-economically and politically. 

Do you know that an estimated 250 million children are working worldwide. Majority of them are in Asia (61%), followed by Africa (32%) and Latin America (7%). In India we have more than 50 lakhs child labour, This is the most serious global issues in the modern world.

Let's take a pledge together and support the movement against the child labour. Here are 5 little things you can do:

1. Talk among your friends and neighbours about it.

2. Don't hire a child labour to do your work.

3. Don't buy anything produced by children or don't eat in a restaurant if they employ child labour.

4. Inform police if you any business using child labour.

5. Involve yourself in fundraising to help NGOs to implement child labour laws.

If you have any more thoughts on this, let everyone know....


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