Do You Hate Orange Too?

By First Posted: Jun 4, 2011 Sat 6:40 AM Updated: Mar 11, 2014 Tue 7:47 PM
Do You Hate Orange Too?
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Do you make your baby wear any color dress he/she likes or you force them to wear gender specific colors (Blue for boys, pink for girls). Do you also buy gender specific color toys for them?

There are no concrete rules about what colors are exclusive for a boy or a girl. But again we try to put an influence of gender specific colors on them from the childhood.

Here is a short quiz for you. (The data has been collected from surveys conducted over the last decade)

1. What's the most popular color by both women and men?

2. What's the most unpopular color for Men?

3. What's the most unpopular color for Women?

Ans: Scroll to the Bottom

1. Blue

2. Brown

3. Orange




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