The Reason Why You Should Switch To Green Tea

By First Posted: May 31, 2011 Tue 7:29 AM Updated: Apr 14, 2014 Mon 7:26 PM
The Reason Why You Should Switch To Green Tea
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The Chinese have been drinking it for centuries. So marketing companies all over the globe are now selling Green Tea as the ultimate health beverage. There are claims of quick weight loss. Other claims include lowering Blood Pressure, regulating blood sugar and boosting immunity. But are these just hollow claims or is there any truth to them?

Benefits Or Just Claims?
To find out for yourself, you will have to drink green tea for at least a couple of years. Yes, experts say that it takes a couple of years to see the real health benefits from drinking green tea. So why should anyone switch to green tea? If you cannot lose weight in a month or two, why would you want to switch to green tea?

Real Reason:

Switching to Green Tea means that you are giving up at least a part of your regular beverage intake. Giving up regular tea or coffee means giving up a little sugar and creamer with every cup you give up. Even if the green tea had no positive effect, there is great benefit to be achieved from giving up your regular cuppa. Perhaps this is why you will lose weight eventually. So there's your real reason for switching to green tea!

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