Has John Found Love Again?

By First Posted: May 30, 2011 Mon 7:24 AM
Has John Found Love Again?
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Celebrity Bollywood couple John Abraham-Bipasha Basu have broken up. They were together for almost a decade during which they came across as the hottest couple in Bollywood. But they had been having some trouble in the last one year and finally the break-up has been officially announced. What's next?

While Bipasha seems to be busy with the commercials, movie assignments and numerous shows, John seems to have moved on too. The rumor has it that John is getting a little too cosy with his co-star Chitrangada Singh. Chitrangada was there for John during the crisis he has recently gone through in his personal life. It is said that Chitrangada has een having some trouble with her golfer husband recently and John has been there to hold her hand through it. Is it just friendship? Or is it the beginning of yet another hot Bollywood romance?

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