How To Spend Less At The Supermarket

By First Posted: May 23, 2011 Mon 7:29 AM Updated: Jul 27, 2016 Wed 9:35 AM
How To Spend Less At The Supermarket
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In our busy lives, supermarkets seem like such a blessing. How great it is to find everything you need under one roof! Most working couples visit the supermarket once every week or once in two weeks to get their shopping done. But do you  know that you are spending more at the supermarkets than what you'd be spending at your local grocer's?

Memsaab brings you a list of tips that can help in reducing your weekly/fortnightly expenditure and make the shopping experience more worthwhile.

1. Look around you when you shop. Supermarkets tend to push products that are expensive and give them better margins. Such products are displayed at easily veiwable places. The cheaper variants are stacked away from eye level, either high up or too low down. So move around and look around you when you are choosing your products.

2. Do your maths. Before you jump at an "offer", do the mathematics and see if there really is an advantage in buying the product. Often, the offer is nothing more than a clever ploy of making you buy more of an expensive product by creating an impression of savings. But it still remains more expensive than the other variant which you would buy in the absence of the "offer".

3. Check the exotic produce. Often we are attracted by exotic fruit/vegetables and splurge a lot of money on it. But before you buy that expensive broccoli or kiwi fruit, look at it closely. Is it really fresh? Often such produce takes days to reach the shelf where it is put on display. How fresh can it be?

4. Don't let anyone fluster you into buying things you don't need. Assistants are placed at cosmetics counters to increase the sales. They call out to women passing by and encourage "to just look". Once you start looking, you feel pressurized to buy. Your feeling embarassed and flustered at having wasted the assistant's time makes you want to buy. Don't let anyone do that to you.

5. Carry a list. Supermarkets have not been invented for your convenience. They were invented to "sell". So everything in the supermarket is done in the way that makes people want to buy more and more. The only way to survive is to carry a shopping list and stick to it when you shop.

6. Leave the kids at home. Supermarkets are danger zones for kids. They want everything they see, the toys, the candies, the clothes. Even after you are done shopping, they will want the stuff that has been carefully planted near the checkout counters. It is better if you do not bring kids when you shop.

7. Will you use it within the next 7 days? This should be the question you ask before buying things. Research shows that people throw away 12% of their shopping because it never gets used. This applies to perishables like fruit and vegetables as well as to items like clothing. So think hard before you buy stuff.

Shopping at a supermarket is almost like a war. They are out to get you. Their purpose is to make you buy things you don't need. And you have to somehow survive that. Use these tips, and you won't fail!


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