Chill Your Stomach With Cool Raitas

By First Posted: May 17, 2011 Tue 7:31 AM Updated: Jun 20, 2013 Thu 9:07 PM
Chill Your Stomach With Cool Raitas
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In these hot summer months, most people tend to lose their appetite and digestive abilities. There is a lot of incidence of tummy upsets and food poisoning episodes. So doctors advise that we should eat light and clean food during the hot summer months. Yogurt is a great healer for stomach ailments and can be made interesting with different Raita recipes. The Raitas are light, cool and healthy for everyone. So we bring you Top 5 Raitas for the summer.

1. Spinach Raita

2. Boondi Raita

3. Lauki Raita

4. Vegetable Raita

5. Pineapple Raita

Try these raita recipes for delicious and healthy summer food options for your family.

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