Fashion Fundas Made Easy

By First Posted: May 10, 2011 Tue 7:17 AM Updated: Mar 6, 2014 Thu 8:53 PM
Fashion Fundas Made Easy
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The fashion police is everywhere these days. You go to college, and you can be sure to be evaluated on the basis of your looks and dress. You go to work and your colleagues will rip you apart if you don't know how to dress. Even your friends, cousins and in laws discuss whether or not you are good looking! It's not possible to be simple and plain anymore. You have to know how to look good and carry yourself well. So we bring you a list of Fashion Do's and Don'ts.

Fashion Do's and Don'ts

* Do try monochromatic outfits if you need a little slimming effect.
* Keep it simple and Don't over-accessorize.
* If you wear leggings, keep them plain. Patterned leggings make your legs appear shorter and heavier.
* Sweaters that extend much below your waist make you look shorter. So don't wear too long sweaters.
* Don't fall into a fashion rut. This means you should always be ready to try out new things and explore new territory.
* Don't stock your closet with things you have outgrown, in the hope that you will lose weight one day.
* Do what you want to do and not what others think you should do. Applies to fashion as well!
* Do not combine casual with formal. Always go for ONE look only.
* Don't try to appear younger by dressing like a teenager.

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