Bipasha, The Fitness Guru

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Bipasha, The Fitness Guru
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Bipasha Basu is known to be a fitness freak. She had her first fitness video out much before Shilpa started doing Yoga herself. So naturally Bips has a body to die for. Her flat tummy and toned arms are the reason for every woman's envy. If you want to look like Bips, read on to find out what she does and how.

Diet: Bipasha is a Bong, but she does not eat rice. Digest that! She starts her day with warm water, soaked almonds and tea. After her workout, she has a breakfast that comprises six egg whites, mushroom and toast with porridge, skimmed milk and fresh fruit. The mid morning snack at 11 is usually an apple. Bipasha eats lunch at 1 PM sharp. It comprises green vegetables, dal, grilled chicken or fish, green salad and two soy flour chapatis. This is followed with tea at 5 in the evening. Dinner is at 9 and includes salad, vegetables, grilled fish or chicken and a little dessert. There is no smoking and drinking.

Workout: Bipasha has trained with celebrity Yoga Guru Bharat Thakur's team. She is known to be obsessed with Surya Namaskars and does 108 every day. The Yoga is combined with Cardio and Bips trains religiously with weights as well.

Fitness Tips: This is what Bips has to say to her fans about exercising:

- Invest in a good gym wardrobe. Get the right clothes for your workouts.
- Exercising is no excuse to binge or go crazy about junk food.
- Learn how to breathe right with Yoga.
- Combine weight training, cardio and Yoga for best results.

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