Safety Tips For Women On Vacation

By First Posted: Apr 28, 2011 Thu 7:38 AM Updated: Mar 24, 2014 Mon 7:20 PM
Safety Tips For Women On Vacation
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The true test of a woman's independence is her ability to take care of herself in a new place. Usually, Indian women do not take vacations by themselves. But like everything else, this is now changing due to Western influence. It should be really great to be able to go away for a short break by yourself. After all, if you take the husband and kids with you, where's the break? But it is important to make sure that you know how to take care of yourself when you are away. So here are a few tips for the safety of women vacationing alone:

Protect Your Stuff: Tourists are easy prey for thieves and robbers everywhere. So no matter where you are travelling to, you must ensure the safety of all your possessions. When in a crowded area, do not hang your backpack on your back. Keep all your valuables at the hotel in a safe, or in a locked suitcase. Do not keep money in open pockets or pockets of your bags. Do not place your bags anywhere. Keep your bags in a place where you can always have an eye on them. Be vigilant.

Protect Yourself: Do not get too friendly with strangers. Never let anyone buy you food or drinks. Do not wear expensive jewellery or watches in public. Try to avoid isolated places coz you are safer in a crowded area. Do not roam around at late hours in the night. Again, Be Vigilant.

Try To Mingle: Wherever you go, do as the locals do. Try to adopt their customs temporarily as this will keep you out of trouble. People are also more likely to help you if they see you making an effort to learn/adopt their culture.

Have the numbers of local contacts/police stored in your phone just in case you are in an emergency.

Keep photocopies of all your travel documents in each bag and also keep a copy with some friends back home.

Consider getting travel insurance. Could be useful.

Being on a vacation does not mean that you can let go completely. You still need to take care of yourself and your belongings.

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