2016: The End of Big Brother America?

By First Posted: Apr 27, 2011 Wed 12:40 PM Updated: Apr 27, 2011 Wed 12:41 PM
2016: The End of Big Brother America?
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According to a recent forecast by IMF, the age of America will end in 2016.

If you apply the conversion rates, although China's economy will lag US economy, But under PPP (Purchasing power parities), which compares what people earn and spend in real terms, China will surpas US economy by year 2016.

Under PPP, real Chinese economy will expand to $19 trillion in 2016 from present $11.2 trillion. Rhe size of the U.S. economy will rise from $15.2 trillion to $18.8 trillion. 

America’s share of the world output will go down to 17.7% while China would reach 18% and would keep rising.

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