Are You Chopping 'Em Right?

By First Posted: Apr 22, 2011 Fri 8:04 AM Updated: Mar 29, 2014 Sat 9:09 PM
Are You Chopping 'Em Right?
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Everyone who does even a little bit of cooking, is bound to peel and chop vegetables etc on a regular basis. If you cook regularly, you are probably very good at chopping vegetables quickly. But are you doing it right? Chopping fruit and vegetables often exposes them to loss of vitamins and minerals, besides discoloration. How do you manage to avoid these problems and keep your food fresh and nutritious?

Memsaab brings you a few tips on how to chop/peel food correctly.

1. Never wash your vegetables after peeling. The correct way is to first wash thoroughly, then peel and chop. The reason is that if you wash after peeling, your food will lose all water soluble vitamins and minerals.

2. Don't chop your vegetables much before you actually use them for cooking. Try to minimize the time between chopping and cooking.

3. If you boil/blanch vegetables or chicken, don't throw away the stock. Even if you are not making a soup, use this water for gravies or even dal.

4. If you have eaten half an apple, rub a little lemon juice on the cut surface of the other half to keep it fresh longer.

5. To avoid discoloration of chopped potato/brinjals, soak them in water.

6. To chop dry fruit easily, freeze for an hour before chopping. Use a knife dipped in hot water and the nuts will chop cleanly.

7. Always wash your chopping board and knife thoroughly with soap and warm water after every use. The chopping board is one of the most bacteria-infested things in the kitchen.

8. Soak peeled onions in water for 10 minutes to avoid weepy eyes while chopping.

9. Try to chop your vegetables finely and evenly so that the cooking time is reduced.

Knowing these basics of peeling/chopping is very important so that you can maximize the nutritional value of your food and enhance its taste too.

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