Think Twice Before You Get That Tattoo

By First Posted: Apr 6, 2011 Wed 9:02 AM Updated: Sep 9, 2016 Fri 4:25 AM
Think Twice Before You Get That Tattoo
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Your friends have tattoos and you'd like to get one too. Your parents may be dead against it. But let's face it, tattoos are in. From butterflies to flowers to stars to insects to words, everything is in. But there's another tattoo trend that's very common these days, and that is inking the name of your love on your body.

Saif started the trend with the "Kareena" tattoo on his forearm. Deepika also got "RK" tattooed on her nape when she was going out with Ranbir. Other celebrities have also made this trend increasingly popular. So it is natural for youngsters to  follow the trend. But think twice before you get this kind of tattoo. What if you break up with your partner? It may seem like a remote possibility, but if this happens how weird would it be to carry his/her name on your body when you only wish to forget it?

Deepika is no longer with Ranbir, but she still carries the tattoo. Amrita Arora got her boyfriend Usman Afzal's name inked on her body. But she had to get it lazered off after the break up. Plastic surgeons reveal that the number of people coming in for laser removal of tattoos has doubled in the last 1-2 years. Not only is the removal process expensive, it is also quite long and inconvenient. Takes one sitting to get the tattoo but takes 3-4 sittings to have it removed.

If you have to have a tattoo, go for the butterflies and the harmless l

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