Where Is Poonam Pandey?

By First Posted: Apr 4, 2011 Mon 6:58 AM Updated: Apr 5, 2011 Tue 4:47 AM
Where Is Poonam Pandey?
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India has won the world cup. The celebrations are still going on. But as we cheer the victory of our men in blue, everyone has one question to ask, "Where is Poonam Pandey?"

A little background for the uninitiated. Poonam Pandey is a Kingfisher model from Mumbai. The 19-year-old was one of the top eight contestants of Gladrags' model hunt contest last year. A few days ago, Poonam expressed her desire to strip for the Indian cricket team if they won the World Cup. She even wrote a letter to the BCCI, asking for their permission to do so. This is what she wrote: "I want India to win the Cricket World Cup 2011 and am willing to go the extra mile to do anything so that India wins the World Cup. I am ready and willing at any place and time of the Indian teams choosing to go in the nude to boost their sporting spirit to perform better."

Further she says, "There are many studies conducted by various universities abroad which confirms and infers that such performances/expectations boost and inspire people to perform better in any field, be it sports or otherwise. Even medical books on psychology and psychiatry confirms this."

"I make a humble request to be allowed to perform in the privacy of the Indian cricket team's dressing room or any other place of your choosing". She even suggested "a foreign land like Paris in France, so that the Laws of India - if a hindrance, shall not apply". It would act like a "private therapeutic performance with a psychologist's presence" and "cannot be an offence under any law for the time being in force if the team members have no objection and the BCCI gives the go ahead".

Now that the World Cup has been brought home by our illustrious men in blue, everyone is looking for Poonam Pandey. Did she chicken out? Is she really going to strip for the guys? Did BCCI allow her to "perform" for the Team India?

These questions may still be unanswered. But all this hoopla has made Poonam famous in a very short time. She has offers pouring in from foreign magazines for posing in the nude. She's even got offers from India Reality TV shows. Makes you think if this is what she was really after in the first place!
Earlier, model Larissa Riquelme had promised to run nude if her country, Paraguay, won the football World Cup last year. Paraguay lost, but she ran naked anyway.

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