Clash of the Titans

By First Posted: Apr 2, 2011 Sat 10:19 AM
Clash of the Titans
Image Credit: Sachinist

Two of the world's biggest sports stars will clash today. The World Cup final shall be played between India and Sri Lanka this afternoon. But the real contest is between Sachin Tendulkar and Muralitharan Muttiah. One is the greatest batsmen in the world and the other is one of the best bowlers ever. Interestingly, both are probably playing the last World Cup match of their career today.

Shall the best batsman win? Or shall the best bowler prevail? Who shall end his World Cup career with a monumental win? As we try to guess, two nations hold their breath, waiting for the match to begin. This World Cup shall always be remembered in history as a landmark. It is the first time that two South East Asian nations are playing the finals. The fact that there were 3 South East Asian teams in the Semis speaks a lot about the love for Cricket in the subcontinent.

We wish both the teams best of luck and of course, we pray to God that India wins.

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