Healthy Cooking Tips For Fitness

By First Posted: Apr 1, 2011 Fri 7:31 AM Updated: Jul 25, 2015 Sat 9:50 PM
Healthy Cooking Tips For Fitness
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It is an established fact that if you want to eat healthy and be fit, you should do your own cooking. No restaurant really cares for your health. Even food sold at a premium as "healthy food" is bad for you. So if you don't cook, start doing it immediately. And while you are at it, here are a few tips that will make your food healthier.

1. Increase the content of vegetables in your food and reduce the content of meat, especially red meat.

2. Buy whole wheat bread or multi grain bread instead of eating white bread.

3. Avoid eating white flour items like pao or bhaturas or pastas. Focus on whole wheat items like chapati and brown rice.

4. Try to bake, boil or stir fry your food and avoid deep frying. If you have to deep fry, always blot out the excess oil on a tissue paper before consuming the food.

5. Keep salt and spices to a low in your food.

6. Use paneer instead of processed cheese. If you have to use cheese, go for a low fat and low carb variety.

7. Buy double toned milk for all your dairy requirements.

8. Slowly reduce the amount of fat and sugar used in cooking.

9. If making a dish out of fruit, use fresh ones instead of canned items.

10. Use cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and nutes in the dishes that require sugar. This will help in cutting sugar content in your food.

11. Dress your salads in a little rock salt and lemon instead of using creamy dressing that are high in calories.

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