Turn your poo to Perfume...

By First Posted: Mar 24, 2011 Thu 12:14 PM Updated: Mar 24, 2011 Thu 12:15 PM
Turn your poo to Perfume...
Image Credit: viceland

In 1961, Piero Manzoni created created a piece of art called "Merda d’artista" which was composed of 30gr of net freshly preserved poo (his own) in a tin.

50 years later, history repeats again. Artist Jammie Nicholas has turned his own poo into perfume and selling them at at £40 a pop. According to him he has sold 25 of the 85 bottles that he produced so far.

It is suggested that pleasant smells were used to cover bad smells, so it could be suggested that a bad smell could be used to cover pleasant smells. This is the theory his perfume is based up on.

What's name of the brand: 


It stinks when I write this, kudows to Nicholas and those we bought his perfumes. (If he is telling the truth..)


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