Urine boiled eggs - A New sensation in China

By First Posted: Mar 22, 2011 Tue 12:38 PM Updated: Apr 18, 2014 Fri 12:44 AM
Urine boiled eggs - A New sensation in China
Image Credit: News360 China

In Donyang, China, hawkers are selling a special egg - boiled in the urine left in buckets by schoolboys. Dongyang people say that this is a taste of spring in addition to the taste of egg.

It's an old tradition in Dongyang: the street vendors who sell eggs boy or lad boiled eggs to their own people, would lend a plastic bucket to a school boy to collect the urine.

For Boys between one to three grade to urinate, they will align the plastic bucket outside the classroom. School teachers are also acquinted in such conduct, they will often remind the children during illness in the cold not pee on the plastic bucket.

(News Source - News365.com.cn thru google tranlation)


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