This Babe Is Not Scared Of Cockroaches

By First Posted: Mar 4, 2011 Fri 2:17 PM
This Babe Is Not Scared Of Cockroaches
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It is so common to see women shrieking at the sight of bugs and cockroaches. You wouldn't expect any pretty lady to be "not scared" of the insects. But hey, our Bollywood ladies are different. At least this one is! Asin Thottumkal recently surprised Salman Khan and the whole crew of "Ready" by her daring "creepy" act on the sets while shooting in Thailand.

What happened was that one day certain insects appeared on the sets of the film. The locals informed the crew that these insects were edible. On hearing this, Salman held up one and asked Asin to try it. Everyone expected Asin to scream and throw a tantrum. But Asin just took the live insect and put it into her mouth without batting an eyelid. Yes, that's some stomach this lady's got! Maybe "Hit" should get her as the brand ambassador for their insect repellants!

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