Chinese Government doesn't like the smell of "Jasmine"

By First Posted: Feb 27, 2011 Sun 1:41 PM Updated: Feb 27, 2011 Sun 1:44 PM
Chinese Government doesn't like the smell of
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Imagine you are surfing the web in China and you searched for the word "Jasmine". After 10 minutes a security officer knocks on your door.


You can't get YouTube, you don't have access to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Your government have racheted up web filters. After the 'Jasmine Revolution" in many middle east countried including Egypt, they have beefed up the Internet censorship to the extreme level.

Many bloggers and activists are harassed and detained in China after doing online appeal for a "Jasmine Revolution".

Show your appreciation for your fellow chinese bloggers who fights for a noble cause!!!



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