Honey, What's cooking Tonight?

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Honey, What's cooking Tonight?
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Edible insects are becoming a trend in many cities including UK and USA. London's Archipelago restaurant tops their creme brulee with a bee and Manhattan, New York's Tolache offers grasshopper-stuffed tacos.

Here is a sample recipes from "The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook" by David George Gordon:

Recipe: Crispy Crickets

- Preheat the oven up to 100 degrees celcius. 

- Strip the antennae, limbs and wings from 20 to 30 clean, frozen adult crickets, or 40 to 60 cricket nymphs. 

- Spread the stripped crickets on a lightly oiled baking sheet and place in oven. 

- Bake until crickets are crisp (around 20 minutes)

Yield: one cup.

- Sprinkle these on salads or put them through a coffee grinder to turn them into bug "flour." 

You could combine the crickets with Chex Mix for a protein-rich snack.

One day you might get a surprise, when you reach home and these six-Legged Meat is served for your dinner.


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