The Weight Loss Plateau

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The Weight Loss Plateau
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Anu weighed 94 kilos when she fell in love for the first time. For the first time in her 17 years, Anu became conscious of her large frame and wanted to do something about it. That's when she embarked on her weight loss programme. She started watching what she ate and supplemented her reducing diet with a workout programme. To everyone's surprise, Anu lost 20 kilos in 4 months. At her height, she should weigh around 60 kilos. But Anu is unable to get past the 70 kilo mark. She has persisted with her weight loss programme, but has not seen any encouraging results in the last two months. What could have gone wrong?

Most obese people would identify with Anu. When you have a lot to lose, it is so much easier to lose the first 10, 20 or 30 kilos. But it is the last 10 kilos which become a nagging problem for most people on a weight loss programme. What is the reason? The programme that helps one in losing 20 kilos, is unsuccessful at getting rid of another 10 kilos. Why?

Weight Loss Plateau

When a successful weight loss programme seems to start failing, you have hit what is called a Weight Loss Plateau. Almost every weight loss programme hits the plateau at one time or another. It can be very frustrating, but you can overcome it if you know how to handle the situation.

Whose Fault Is It?

It would be wrong to say that it is your or anyone else's fault. If you have been religiously following your fitness expert's instructions, you could still hit the plateau after some time. Having said that, it is important to differentiate between a weight loss failure and a weight loss plateau. The former is a result of failure to correct the diet and adopt an exercising schedule. The latter is the result of your body having become acclimatized to the lifestyle changes.

Dealing With The Plateau You know you have hit the plateau when you are doing everything you should be doing to lose weight, yet the scale is not moving. Another symptom is that exercise does not stimulate you any more and you find it too easy. Here is what you can do to overcome the plateau:

Temporarily increase you calorie intake. Since your body has gone into the starvation mode, giving it more food can break the bad spell. Drink more water to get rid of the toxins. Drinking water also helps in avoiding water retention in the body. Reduce salt in your diet. Salt increases water retention and bloating. A reduced salt diet gives immediate results. Increasing your protein intake and reducing the carb intake also helps in overcoming the plateau. Another great way of tackling the plateau is to alter the exercise programme by increasing the intensity or adding new exercises. When you embark on a weight loss programme, the plateau is bound to come into the picture at some point. But if you know how to break it, you can successfully reach your weight loss goals. The key is to remain positive and motivated. Good Luck!

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