Ideas For Hot Winter Dates

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Ideas For Hot Winter Dates
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Winters tend to bring a dreary feeling of dullness besides the sore throats and runny noses. People prefer to remain cooped up inside their homes and make their lives more boring and dull than they already are. In such a scenario, the fate of your love life is in your hands. Would you rather spend a Sunday sleeping in a blanket, or would you rather spend a cheerful/romantic day with the love of your life?

Ideas For A Hot Date On A Cold Winter Day Don't let the cold wind blow chill your love life. Here are a few interesting ideas for a fun-romantic date in the winters:

Karaoke Nights: If there's a place where you can be a part of a Karaoke nights, go for it. You get to spend an evening in a warm indoor place with your loved one, and you sing through it! What a great way to celebrate your love! Who knows, this might be your training ground for the next “Indian Idol” auditions.

Beer It: Who says you cannot have cold drinks in the winters? Spend an evening with him at your favorite pub, beering the winter night! If you consider yourself too classy for that, make it a wine tasting evening yaar! The point is to relax and enjoy a chilled out evening with your partner.

Get Some Sun: This has to be the most economical, sensible and healthy idea for a date. Great idea for married couples to spend some quality time together. Fix a picnic hamper on a Sunday morning, get some sheets and head to the nearest park. Pick a nice spot that gets the sun and also has a few trees around for shade (in case you feel too hot). Now get started on your winter picnic! Bring along some music and books and you can easily while away the whole morning-afternoon in the park.

Go Shopping: Is he not in the mood for any romantic outings? Take him out shopping...for HIM! Indulge your partner and buy him anything that he desires. Is it a new fancy gimmicky phone? Maybe a nice outfit to wear to meetings, or a nice jacket perhaps? Remember its not just us who enjoy being pampered. An evening spend shopping for him is bound to snap him out of his dull mood.

Movie Marathon: If you guys are neither spontaneous, nor experimental, you need to do something a little more laidback. Especially so if you are trying to cut costs. So gear up for a romantic movie marathon at homes. Get a selection of your favorite DVDs and prepare a lot of nice food/sandwiches/munchies etc. Spend the night watching one movie after another and coochy-coo your way through the marathon!

Coffee Mornings: After a late Saturday night, you do want to be lazy on the Sunday morning. Take your man to the neighborhood coffee shop and send the morning digging into sandwiches and rolls, as your browse the papers. And don't forget the giant Mocha! Another easy way to spend hours together.

Gardening: If either/both of you have a nice spot to plant some bushes, this is the perfect time to do so. Winters are a time when gardens are abloom with color and it feels great to be a part of it. So get some saplings/seeds and plant a lovely garden with different colors and varieties of flowering plants. It feels great!

No matter what you do and where you go, just make sure that you do not sleep the winters away. This is the most romantic and fun time of the year, when you can snuggle at home or walk in the sun with equal enjoyment and comfort. There is so much

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