How To Find A Balance...

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How To Find A Balance...
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Savita never finds time to spend with her one year old. She resumed work after her son turned 3 months. It was easy because she has a supportive mom-in-law who takes care of her son in her absence. But Savita is not happy. She feels that she is missing out on watching her son grow. She missed the first words, the first steps, and may other firsts. She has begun to resent her job and is thinking of giving it up. But she is also afraid of losing her financial independence and self respect. Are you in the same boat?

Tips On Balancing Family & Career

Focus At Work: When you are at work, try to finish all your tasks within the specified office hours, so that you don't have to stay beyond the official working hours. Considering the fact that most working professionals are loaded with tasks and responsibilities, this may be difficult to attain. But if you avoid time wastage, you can achieve this easily. One way to do this is avoid using the internet for personal surfing, emailing, social networking etc while in office. Don't entertain personal calls and keep professionals call short. Even a few minutes saved here and there can give you an extra hour every day.

Budget Your Time: As you draw your financial budget, you can draw your daily time budget also. This is essentially a list of activities that you plan to do the next day, along with time allocated for each. Don't forget to figure in a little extra time here and there, because not all your estimates will be correct. In fact, you may not be able to finish all the planned activities. So give yourself a little leeway for that too.

Family Time: Fix at least an hour everyday as your "family time". Turn off the phones and TV during this time. Dinner is a good time to enjoy your relaxed family time without interruptions.

Say NO: Turning down requests from co-workers, neighbors and other people around you is one of the hardest things to do. But the need to be in everyone's good books can ruin your personal space, time and happiness. So learn to say NO instead of taking on more than you can handle.

Organize: Organizing everything you do is a great help when it comes to saving time. A simple thing like creating a menu for the next week's meals and pasting on your kitchen cabinet can save you hours of thinking about what to cook! Similarly, little things can be organized to make your work flow more efficiently and smoothly, saving you time and effort.

Always remember that time is never wasted in hours or days. It is always wasted, and saved, in minutes that add up to hours over a period of time. So try to save every single minute that you can, and invest it into the betterment and harmony of your family life.

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