Poochte Hain Log, Ashmit Se...

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Poochte Hain Log, Ashmit Se...
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A few years ago, Ashmit Patel was caught up in a sleazy MMS scandal featuring him and his then girlfriend Riya Sen. Ashmit was held responsible for leaking of the very private video and his career burt down before it had even taken off properly.

Today, Ashmit is locked up in the Bigg Boss house, where, incidentally, he is again seen cozying up with one babe or the other. We know what got him there! The controversy and public humiliation has made Ashmit a prime candidate for featuring in this TV show. But what will keep him there?

Ashmit is trying his best to cash in on the MMS scandal, by getting the fellow housemates and audience to sympathize with him. He says he did nothing wrong. Who knows! But he sure is trying to get milegae out of the whole mess. Ashmit is not alone in these attempts. Backing him from behind the scenes is his publicist, Dale Bhagwagar. While Ashmit Patel is still fighting with Dolly Bindra in the Bigg Boss house, his publicist has released an album sung by him. Ashmit sang the song himself, and shot for the video just two days before entering the big boss house.

If you have any sympathy for this model-actor-has-been, you will lose it when you find out how he has been manipulating the audience for his own motives. Though on the face, it looks like Patel is trying his best to come to terms with the blows of fate, once you read the lyrics of this song (combined with the way he bats for sympathy in the TV show), he seems to be trying hard to gain publicity out of the MMS scandal that happened between him and his then girlfriend, Riya Sen. Read the lyrics and judge on your own…

Lyrics of the song…

Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,
Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?
Kuch aise haadse hue, ghira apne ghutno par,

Bebasee, laacharee, sharm se jhuk gaya sar,
Bikhri meri duniya, mere khwab, mera ghar,
Jab chhod jaaye apne, toh lagta hai darr.
My life, my career, all went for a toss,
Bad decisions, bad luck put me through such loss,
One after another, life shot me with a dart,
Like a broken arrow, I was falling apart.


Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,
Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

Main batata hoon, apni kahani, apni zubaani…
Something or another kept falling out of place,
A leaked MMS and disgrace, slapped on my face.
No I didn’t do it, but I paid the price for it,
Broken ties, faith and trust, made me feel like shit.
Family relationships turned bitter overnight,
I swear I tried to save it, with all my might.
Flop filmein, rukawatein, baitha tha bekaar,
Na kaam, na cash, na kismat mere yaar.


Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,
Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

Life ki game kay patte bunt chuke the,
Toh kya kiya maine?
Drugs? Alcohol? Violence? No way!
I’m stronger than that, all I did was pray.
Turned to spirituality, yoga, meditation,
My limits started going beyond imagination,
Meri body, mera temple, bani meri dedication,
Started redefining this God’s own creation.
Mushkilon ko gale lagaya, mehnat ko apna banaya,
Ek baar phir maine, khud ko apnon ke sang paya.


Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,
Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

To all those questions here’s my answer,
Hell I'm back, faster and smarter.
I’m focused, I’m stronger, I’m ready to dare,
I’m hungry for the love of all those who care.
For once I wanna set the record straight,
I’m back and I’m gonna make this worth your wait.
Giroonga, uthoonga, phir giroonga, phir uthoonga,
Par kisi bhi dam par, haar nahin maanoonga,
Haar uski, jo khudh haar maan le,
Jeet uski, jo girkar phir sambhal le.

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