Do You Deserve Higher Salary?

By First Posted: Oct 27, 2010 Wed 7:18 PM Updated: Oct 30, 2015 Fri 8:22 AM
Do You Deserve Higher Salary?
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Often people have a clear idea about what is a "decent salary" for them, and they work towards achieving that figure. It is a separate matter that the figure changes every time they get a raise, thereby making it impossible to be content. So we all continue to work towards achieving the salary and position that we think we should be getting. But do we really deserve it? Do YOU deserve what you want?

Fair Analysis To be successful in your career, it is essential that you evaluate your worth in a fair and just manner. Are you really as valuable a resource to your company as you think? Is your contribution to the organisation's success worth the salary you want? Think about it.

Are You Due? Most companies have a periodical salary/position raise for employees. Are you due for the raise/promotion you are asking for? If not, why do you think an exception should be made for you? An exception could be made if you have recently made any special achievements.

Is It A Good Time For Your Company? Consider the state of affairs in your organisation. Is the company in a financially sound health? Can they afford to promote you or give you a pay hike?

Compare: Do a little research and find out what other people are getting in a job similar to yours. Does your position/salary compare with similar profile s across the industry?

Give A Reason: Often you need to qualify your demands with a reason. When you cite a reason, don't make the mistake of citing a personal need. That will eliminate any chances you may have got. So what could these reasons be? Professional achievements are your only bet here. Have you won any big contracts or orders recently? Have you initiated any cost cutting measures? In short, have you made an impact on the organisation's bottomline?

Are You flexible? Before you ask for a promotion or a raise, decide on your flexibility levels. If your request is turned down, can you take that in your stride? Or will it be too humiliating for you, forcing you to leave? If it is the latter, take a moment to think before you put in your request. If you think you deserve a better salary and that this is the right time to ask for it, then go for it gal!

Prepare well for your meeting with your boss, and don't forget to follow it up with a reminder if she does not give you a decision immediately. Good Luck!

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