Sara Khan Wants Ashmit?

By First Posted: Oct 21, 2010 Thu 8:35 PM Updated: Oct 21, 2010 Thu 8:42 PM
Sara Khan Wants Ashmit?
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Bigg Boss 4 has not yet created the magic that we expected it to. The housemates have not yet done anything to make the audiences love or hate them. But Sara "Saadhna" Khan is silently treading the path of controversy.

Right from Day 1, Sara has been seen trying to get close to actor-model Ashmit Patel, whose only claim to fame is his famous sister Amisha Patel. Sara has tried her best to charm this young man. She is seen looking at him longingly, holding his hands and jumping around in his lap, almost everyday. This young lady has declared on national TV that she wants to break up with her boyfriend Ali Merchant.

Incidentally, Ali Merchant was the one who came to see off Sara on the first day of Bigg Boss 4. The two were a couple when Sara entered the Bigg Boss house. But apparently, they are a couple no more. At least that's what's going on in Sara's mind. She seems to have decided that Ashmit is a better catch than Ali. She has declared her "love" openly for Ashmit on the show.

Regarding Ashmit, he has maintained a decent behaviour and has not yet responded to Sara's attempts. All he has said so far is that he finds Sara very "cute". Though he has not resisted Sara's growing closeness, he has not made any advances himself. This seems to have endeared him to women on and off the show.

Ali Merchant, on the other hand is a sad man these days. His girlfriend of 3 years is publicly denouncing her involvement with him on TV. So our young man is busy giving interviews to channels that all this "Sara-Ashmit" relationship is nothing but a stunt planned by Colors to popularize their show. But nobody is believing that now. The problem is that if Ali forgives Sara and gets back with her, he will be seen as a weak man by everyone. If Sara comes back to him, she will be seen as characterless. In such a situation, this love story seems to be doomed!

Do you think Sara will be successful in winning Ashmit's heart?

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