How To Budget For A Baby

By First Posted: Oct 6, 2010 Wed 10:13 PM Updated: Feb 7, 2017 Tue 12:57 AM
How To Budget For A Baby
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Are you expecting/planning an addition to your family? If this would be your second/third child, you don't need any lessons in parenting. But if this is your first child, you need to learn a lot. From changing your baby's diapers to bathing it to buying the right food/clothes for your child...there are so many things to learn. One of these things is to handle your finances in this time. Most parents go overboard with buying stuff for their first born. Many even borrow money to budget for all this buying and spending. But you shouldn't need to do that if you follow these tips:

Budgeting For A Baby Like any seasoned parents would inform you, there's a lot of stuff parents buy but never use. Also, there are a few things that little children definitely need. As prospective parents, you need to know how to segregate between the two.

Things You Don't Need: Don't buy any baby clothes for at least 2 months after your baby is born. Borrow used clothes from other parents you know. The reason you should not put new clothes on your newborn is that new clothes can irritate the very sensitive skin of your child. On the other hand, worn clothes are soft and tender on the skin of your baby. It also helps that they are free! When you do start buying clothes for your child, buy cheap (but good quality) clothes and never buy more than a few. A baby only needs to be comfortably dressed. Neither does it need to show off, nor does it care for brands.

Similarly, don't spend a lot of money on shoes for your baby coz it can hardly even walk! When your child can be fed semi solid food, you may want to try formula. But don't spend a lot of money on getting formula in different flavors. It is so much better, cheaper and healthier if you make your own semi solid food from fresh ingredients at home. Coming to toys, please don't splurge on big expensive toys that YOU like. Buy toys that will interest your little one. Many people buy Baby Walkers to help a child learn how to walk. It also serves the purpose of letting parents attend to chores without having a baby on the shoulder. But walkers are also known to induce many accidents. This is one tool that is best given a miss considering the safety and well being of your child.

The diaper manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertising and making you believe that you just have to buy the diapers for your little one. But the fact is that cloth nappies are the best. Yes, you may have to change and wash them many times a day. But they are best for your child's sensitive skin and are also reusable and cheap. Diapers are not only expensive, but also cause rashes.

Can You Buy The Things You Need? A good car seat, good quality baby hygiene products, medication-healthcare etc are a few things that you do need to buy for your baby. But do you have the money? Later, you will need an endless supply of food, clothes, toys and other stuff that you kids will learn to wheedle out of you in time. You need to pay for their education as well. Do you have the money? Log on to to read the second article in this series, and you will learn ways of budgeting for all the expenses that the future holds for you. Till then, enjoy parenting!

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